A Simple Solution to a Complex Launch


This unique case required UKG Experts to offer strategic consulting, lending this international client the flexibility and high level of support they needed during a complex implementation. Given the client organization’s 7,000 US employees, 800 Canadian employees, 14 FEINs and 47 pay groups. During this project, the Mosaic and UKG teams worked very closely together to ensure the client could get the most out of their investment in the UKG tools.

Our Partner

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction, mining and compact construction equipment.

Our Support and Solutions

  • UKG Pro Implementation
  • UKG Pro Customization


UKG engaged Mosaic early in the process to ensure that the client’s payroll-only launch was successful. This strategic project paved the way for Mosaic and UKG to expand their footprint with a multinational corporation as the client.