Creating Unity and Trust with Change Management


Change management is a critical part of a company’s long-term success when you’ve invested in a new technology platform. In addition to the right technology, your team must have a clear understanding of the system’s capabilities, their roles going forward, and the proper training and support to be successful. Mosaic’s change management team helps business leaders craft a solid strategy, set expectations, drive engagement, and offer training to help your team hit the ground running, confident in their new roles.

Our Partner

A healthcare provider that had grown by acquisition with multiple lines of business: skilled care, rehabilitation, home health, hospice and behavioral health services in several states and more than 4,000 employees, most of whom are caregivers who work varied shifts, which makes communication and training a challenge. The company needed help establishing consistent, companywide business procedures and had heavily invested in a failed HRIS technology implementation, and had recently purchased the comprehensive UKG suite as a solution.

Our Support and Solutions

  • UKG Pro Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Integrations
  • UKG Optimization


Mosaic positioned company leaders to drive change, helped develop change management strategy to ensure employee engagement and adoption; and developed a road map for the company to follow as it implemented new modules, as well as training manuals and job aids. With the successful implementation of Core and Payroll, the company is well positioned for onboarding/recruiting, talent acquisition, open enrollment, performance management and eventually, employee/manager self-service.

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