Divestiture: A UKG Launch Without a Client


UKG activations are complex projects with many moving parts – and it’s important to get each piece right, to position your HR team for long-term success. Sometimes our clients have unique needs and special circumstances to factor in, and that’s when Mosaic is at our best. We can work with companies to offer out-of-the box solutions, working hand in hand to design and implement systems that support the way our clients like to do business. One of our more unique projects: designing the HRIS structure for a company that didn’t yet exist, in partnership with a private equity firm, on an aggressive timeline mandated by contractual guidelines of a divestiture. This activation was also unique because it went straight from activation to HR Managed Services, with Mosaic running payroll for the client.

Our Partner

An HR consulting firm hired by a private equity firm that was handling the divestiture and creation of a new company, in partnership with a multinational manufacturing company.

Our Support and Solutions

  • UKG Pro Implementation


Mosaic developed innovative, unconventional solutions for this client with highly unique needs, help-desk style training for a small, new HR team, and positioned the company to succeed with its UKG system.

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