Keeping Up with A Mobile Workforce


For large and rapidly growing companies with a mobile workforce making sure payroll, taxes and billing are properly executed and documented for employees who work in multiple locations around the U.S. and in other countries, at any given time is a big challenge. When errors in payroll taxes are detected and tax time is approaching, and there are staff shortages in the payroll department, the complexity increases.

Our Partner

A specialty contractor and provider of maintenance services to power companies and oil and gas providers around the world, with 3,400+ employees in the U.S., Canada and six countries.

Our Support and Solutions

  • Payroll Support
  • Data Migration
  • WFM Implementation


Mosaic implemented a new timekeeping system while this company was undergoing a divestiture and moving its workforce to a new entity and data platform, helped this client sunset its access database and move to a new platform, and helped streamline and simplify the payroll.

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