Making Things Easy: One Stop Shop


Sometimes a company doesn’t need to fully outsource key HR functions but a partner standing in the wings, on call to fill in the gaps in times of need: staff shortages, time- and labor-intensive events like open enrollment, or onboarding new hires post acquisition.

Our Partner

An Ohio-based manufacturing company with more than 125 locations serving 48 states and around 6,500 employees around the country.

Our Support and Solutions

  • UKG Pro Premier Services
  • UKG Post-Implementation Support
  • Payroll Support
  • BI Reporting
  • Open Enrollment
  • Year-End Support


Mosaic walked this client through open enrollment, transforming and automating a paper-based process, and providing education for the HRIS team along the way; created a custom job panel solution tailored to the client’s needs; and a customized set of reports for the HR team to send to all supervisors, which allows the company to customize data and burst reports, saving multiple emails.

Download the full case study: