System Reviews: An Objective Eye on Your Business


When fully optimized, UKG Products can revolutionize a company’s business processes. But first, a thorough analysis of the company’s needs, current use of UKG Pro, and long-term business goals is needed. A system review can help provide a look at your company’s current state, future opportunities, and how to get more out of your investment to get there.

Our Partner

A 130-year old Kentucky-based entertainment company with multiple locations, decentralized business processes, a large and varying workforce driven by company events. This client was undergoing rapid growth, needing to consolidate disparate business systems and processes, and streamline their HR function.

Our Support and Solutions

  • System Review
  • Training
  • General Ledger Configuration
  • Payroll Support
  • UKG Pro Premier Services


Mosaic transitioned this client from manual, tactical payroll processes and created new GL rules to save time and manpower, provide the most up-to-date processes, and reduce the likelihood of human error. The Mosaic team also shifted multiple company payrolls to a simpler, more manageable schedule and adjusted payroll models to cut processing and payroll run time by 50%. Finally, Mosaic reviewed and aligned PTO plans under a companywide model and educated the client to maximize their use of UTA beyond simple time management for better security and business intelligence.

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