7 Ideas to Have More Fun at Work


Work is often associated with stress, deadlines, and long hours. However, there are ways to incorporate fun into the workplace to create a positive work environment, which is shown to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover. As a Human Resources professional, you can play a crucial role in encouraging more fun at work for yourself and your colleagues! Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Organize a company game tournament
    Host a tournament for a popular game, such as ping pong, foosball, or video games. Encourage employees to participate and create a bracket or ranking system to keep track of the winners.
  2. Have a potluck lunch or breakfast
    Organize a potluck event where everyone brings a dish to share. This can be a great way to bring people together, try new foods, and enjoy some tasty treats.
  3. Host a “Bring Your Pet to Work” Day
    Allowing employees to bring their furry friends to work for a day can be a fun and relaxing way to reduce stress and boost morale. Be sure to set some ground rules beforehand to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.
  4. Plan a volunteer day
    Organize a day where employees can volunteer together at a local charity or non-profit organization. This can be a great way to give back to the community, build teamwork, and create a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  5. Host a talent show or open mic night
    Encourage employees to showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy. You can provide a stage, microphone, and other necessary equipment to create a fun and entertaining event.
  6. Provide opportunities for learning
    Organize training sessions or workshops that allow employees to learn new skills or try out new hobbies. Encourage employees to share their interests and expertise with each other. Providing opportunities for learning can help create a positive work environment, improve employee engagement, and boost productivity.
  7. Start a book club
    Encourage employees to read and discuss books together. You can select a book to read each month or quarter and set up a discussion group to talk about the themes, characters, and plot.

Remember, having fun in the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simple activities like these can help to create a positive and engaging work environment that benefits everyone!