UKG Pro Open Enrollment Packages – Now Available


With year end fast approaching, it’s time to begin proactively planning for your annual open enrollment process to ensure you are prepared for a smooth session.

Open enrollment can be difficult to navigate for seasoned HR professionals and employees alike. During this stressful time, frustrations are bound to arise related to new benefit options and rates, vendor communications, internal presentation and communication preparation, and enrollment setup and configuration within UKG Pro. Managing every detail required for a successful open enrollment period can quickly become overwhelming and takes critical time away from HR staff to answer employee questions or work on big picture projects.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be this way! Mosaic’s new Open Enrollment Support Package is designed to drastically reduce common open enrollment pain points and improve the employee experience during busy year end. Our team of talented experts are available and ready to help you tackle one of the most challenging projects of the year. We combine industry standards with UKG guides to offer best practice solutions during a demanding season in your organization.

When you partner with Mosaic to streamline your open enrollment process, your team will be provided with a dedicated resource to assist with benefit configuration and will have access to the entire Mosaic team of UKG Pro experts as needed.

From the start of our open enrollment partnership, we will ensure you are set up for success. Your consultant will start by evaluating your current procedures and gathering input on your specialized requirements. From there, we will take charge of the UKG Pro open enrollment session from initialization to close, taking time to go through comprehensive checklists to ensure setup and configuration are to your specifications.

We will then update benefit group codes and rates in UKG Pro based on the plan documents you have confirmed with your benefits vendors. Once setup checklists have been completed and vendor rates have been updated, we will work with you to test the session prior to go live for the annual enrollment process.

Human Resource professionals spend months preparing for Benefit Open Enrollment. Employee benefits are more important than ever as a competitive advantage in recruitment and a crucial piece of organizations’ retention strategy. OE is a season that makes a difference to your people!

Planning early and enlisting expert support are critical to ensuring a smooth and streamlined open enrollment process. We are here to make you successful!

Our Open Enrollment Support packages are limited, so act fast by contacting us today to learn more about how we can work together to tackle open enrollment with minimal stress and increased team productivity.