Mosaic Consulting Group Introduces Companywide Mental Heath Day of Rest


Dear Reader,

Every year the entire Mosaic team gathers in Nashville for a three-day company meeting meant to be a time for our team to learn new skills, grow and spend time with each other. I look forward to this meeting every year. As a company, 2021’s meeting has a special meaning to us because it is the 10th anniversary of our founding and because we had to cancel the event in 2020. With the current situation as is, the Mosaic executive team was faced with a difficult decision.

This year, our meeting was scheduled to take place from August 31st to September 2nd . Our team had the option to attend online or in-person due to COVID-19 conditions. As the date approached, leaders in our organization brought forth some concerns they heard from our team members. At Mosaic, we pride ourselves in listening to our team, so three weeks before the event we sent out a company-wide survey to offer our team the opportunity to tell us, directly, what they were feeling. The results did reveal some concerns among our team about the health and safety of the event. The survey also revealed an underlying burnout and anxiety that the team had been experiencing the past few months.

Trying to navigate a pandemic, new or different working conditions and caregiving, in addition to global unrest across the world would exhaust anyone, our team is no exception. With this in mind, my executive team and I went to work looking into ways to combat burnout and increase our long-term focus on mental health and the overall health of our people.

Our first initiative was to postpone our in-person meeting to next year and move this year’s meeting to be a fully-online 1-day event. Our second initiative is to implement a companywide, Mental Health Day of Rest, which will take place this coming Friday, September 3rd.

We understand that this is just the beginning, and my team and I will continue to find ways to combat burnout on a year-round basis. Our hope in these decisions is that they will help prioritize mental health for our employees and empower them to ultimately bring their best selves to work. We believe that a focus on our team results in a stronger focus and better results for our clients. To our clients, thank you for understanding and partnering with Mosaic in this decision. To our employees, thank you for working hard every single day to make Mosaic a better place.