Now More Than Ever, We Need to Focus on Our Team


Employee retention has become the newest topic of serious discussion and scrutiny in boardrooms (or zoom calls) across the country. Companies are asking HR teams to focus on ways to combat the current labor shortage and prepare for what is being called the “Great Resignation”. HR Professionals are left with the difficult tasks of not only finding new employees quickly, but also finding new ways to keep them on staff. I believe that the secret to this, is a true focus on your team.

Throughout the years, Mosaic has published multiple articles on how important the employee experience is for businesses. From building a culture by design, to amplifying the employee voice, Mosaic has always emphasized listening to your team and caring about them on a human to human level. For many companies, including Mosaic, the COVID-19 pandemic held up a magnifying glass to employee experience efforts. In August of this year we heard back from our team, burnout had made its way across our organization and was affecting our team’s lives and their ability to provide the exceptional client service we strive towards.

I knew that we needed to find a short-term way to reduce burnout and, more importantly, a long-term strategy to keep our focus on our team members front of mind; especially for me and my executive team as we made business decisions. As a short-term solution, we held our first ever companywide mental health day of rest. We then began to work on a strategic solution to focus on our team, provide a great employee experience and recruit and retain top talent. This is a big task, and I know it will take us time to establish a strategy that solves the challenge at the source, but it’s important to start building one today. As we covered during our recent webinar and article on using technology to manage the labor shortage, the global pandemic has given employees a clearer understanding of what they want out of their jobs, and what types of careers they want to pursue in the long run. This means that to retain, recruit and engage the top talent we want on our team, we need to be the type of place they want to be a part of.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our team and give them a workplace where they can bring their whole selves to work, a place where they can learn, grow, and make a positive impact on our client’s lives. I want Mosaic to be a place where team members want to be and feel inspired. This led me to the decision to promote Krystyn Sadler, our Vice President of People and Culture Warrior to President of Mosaic Consulting Group. As a strong HR leader Krystyn has proven to relate to and connect with our team as well as our clients. She understands the business and the importance of employee engagement for our success. I am so proud of Krystyn and her new role. Krystyn has been dedicated to our team’s culture and engagement since day one, over four years ago. In Krystyn’s own words: “I believe that a focus on our team, their experience and well-being, results in a better experience and better results for our clients” We cannot wait to see how Krystyn continues to be an agent of positive change and growth for Mosaic. As President, Krystyn will work closely with our team ensuring our day-to-day initiatives are running smoothly and keeping the team experience, which is so near to her heart, top of mind. This will allow me, as CEO, to focus on strategic initiatives to continue moving our business forward.

Mosaic has already benefitted from this decision and focus on the employee experience. In the month since we announced our company wide mental health day of rest, we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from employees and clients alike. The silver lining to these difficult times is the potential for a more empathetic world and this empathy should stretch out to our teams, clients and entire networks. I am excited to partner with Krystyn to make sure that we continue to grow Mosaic as a best place to work and a rapidly growing company with a strong focus on team experience. I invite other business owners to do the same.