Ready for Change? Mosaic Makes UKG Implementation Easy


Are you considering implementing the UKG® product suite for your organization? Look no further. Mosaic, your dedicated certified UKG® Partner with over 12 years of experience, is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our team of 100+ UKG® experts, certified in every UKG® module and product, is ready to ensure your implementation journey is smooth and successful. We understand the complexities and intricacies of such systems, and we’re prepared to support your team.

What sets Mosaic apart is our unique, best-practice-driven implementation methodology. We go beyond the standard approach to tailor your product suite launch to your specific goals and outcomes.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you partner with Mosaic:

• Strategic Alignment: We’ll work with you to align your implementation strategy, conduct SWOT analyses, and facilitate workshops to understand your unique needs and objectives.

• Review & Recommend: Our experts will provide you with insights and recommendations based on the discovery from workshops. We’ll ensure that any gaps are closed and that integration analysis is solid before moving forward.

• Build: We’ll configure your requirements, handle data conversion, and build the necessary integrations to make your system run seamlessly.

• Test: Rigorous testing is a crucial part of our methodology. We’ll perform system testing, risk management, user acceptance testing, parallel testing, and conduct reconfigurations and additional testing as needed.

• Deploy: Our team will support you through the parallel and cutover phases to ensure a smooth transition.

This comprehensive approach benefits a range of clients, from those new to system implementations to those looking to think outside the box. If you’ve experienced staff turnover, want a fresh perspective on your current system, or simply aren’t sure where to start, Mosaic has your back.

By partnering with Mosaic, you gain access to a team of experts, implementation using best practices and industry standards, and a proven methodology. We’re here to make your UKG product suite implementation a resounding success.