System Optimization: Telltale Signs Your UKG Pro System Isn’t Optimized


UKG Pro puts the power of your organization’s people data at your fingertips. The UKG Pro HCM platform offers you robust capabilities for digging deep into your data to learn more about your business, including trends, gaps, weak points, and opportunities to grow or simply streamline your operations.

UKG Pro can transfer data seamlessly among different platforms, increasing fluency and accuracy in your HRIS data, automate manual processes, and create business intelligence reports that help you make better business decisions. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s so much that UKG Pro can do that you may not be aware of system capabilities you aren’t utilizing. UKG Pro is a significant investment—the more you know about your system and the areas it can help, the better your ROI.

If you have an organizational need – a process that seems cumbersome, data that has to be manually updated, an upcoming audit or seasonal company event that has a great deal of complexity – look first within your UKG Pro system to see what it can do.

You may have just completed a major implementation, or your company may be facing rapid growth, a merger or acquisition; or you may have just lost a key member of your HRIS team who had significant institutional knowledge and you are trying to fill the gap.

The good news is, by asking the right questions, you can almost always find a way that UKG Pro can do more for you.

Watch the recording of our webinar on this topic:

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The First Step: Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are new to UKG Pro or a veteran user, it is important to regularly review your current system and its configuration to make sure it is still the correct set-up for your company. Below is a series of conversation-driven questions you can have with your C-suite leaders, your HRIS team, or end users of the system, to understand your business processes, both current and desired. You can use these questions to guide you in your own optimization projects:

  • Do you find yourself entering the same data multiple times in UKG Pro?
  • Do you regularly run reports in Cognos, then fix the data in Excel, to get the data you need?
    Read our blog on Cognos Analytics to find out more about what Cognos can do for you and your team.
  • Does your data entry require many manual steps before it’s ready for UKG Pro?
  • Are you still processing benefit elections on paper?
  • Do your employees and managers have too much access (or too little access) to the system?
    The right system access may seem like a simple thing, but here’s an example of what can go wrong: a Mosaic client was helping managers get additional access to data on their employees. Working late on a weekend, the client inadvertently assigned Super Admin Access to all company employees. When employees started to find out they had access to C-level salary information, it was too late, and information began to spread like wildfire. While this is an extreme case, are you certain that access given to employees is appropriate? Too much access is just as bad as not enough, in some cases.
  • Does UKG Pro configuration match your business needs and requirements?
    Remember, have UKG Pro work for you – not the other way around! All businesses have their own processes and ways of managing their companies. UKG Pro can be configured to meet those needs in more ways than you may realize. Don’t work for UKG Pro by doing processes manually – make UKG Pro work for you!
  • Do decision makers have the necessary information available to make appropriate business decisions?
  • What types of dashboards and reports do your executives use? How stale is the data being used?
  • Is your executive team making potential life changing decisions on outdated data?
  • Does UKG Pro interface with vendors to provide real-time and accurate data on employees?
    If UKG Pro interfaces with your vendors, that’s great news, but when was the last time the interface was reviewed? Is it working correctly, does it provide the data needed? Or does your team still find themselves manually manipulating data before it is sent off? UKG Pro can save time and effort, reduce the likelihood of human error, and free your team from manual tasks to focus on the highest and best use of their time. For more on UltiPro Interfaces read our blog on UKG Pro Integrations.
  • Does your team have the right tools and knowledge of UKG Pro to support your organization?
  • Are you prepared for an audit? What about a different interruption?
    Some audits may be planned, and others may be a surprise. If the department of labor came to your office, how prepared would your team be and what would they find?

All of these questions will help you assess whether you are getting everything you need out of your UKG Pro system. And the answer isn’t a one-size-fits all: UKG Pro can do different things for different organizations, depending on your need. The key is making sure that you’re using it to full capacity, whatever your strategic business needs.

What is a System Optimization Review?

A good first step to optimize your system is a complete system and process review. Assessing your UKG Pro system is a process that you can undertake on your own, or you can bring in a specialist to help you.

A System and Process Review gives you a comprehensive understanding of the areas that may be underutilized where you can focus to begin optimizing your UKG Pro system

A system review is performed by a seasoned consultant who spends two to three days onsite, on the ground, with your team – C-suite leaders, your HRIS team, IT, and any others who use your UKG Pro system. During this time with your team, the consultant probes to learn about all company processes and configuration, and whether UKG Pro is properly configured to support those processes.

The benefit: you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your current functionality as well as future, best-case functionality, and a road map to get there. Mosaic recommends System and Process Reviews to all clients who wish to ensure their UKG Pro is fully optimized. Click here to read more about how one of our clients benefited from their System Review. Interested in moving forward? Contact us today!

Note: UKG Pro was formerly UltiPro.